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Portable fire extinguishers are a beneficial thing to extinguish many fires that may happen, in a small and easy-to-carry form. Although you can call the nearest Fire Department when fire happens, but you should be aware anywhere and anytime you go. Keeping portable fire extinguishers in your cars, for example, is a form of awareness and prevention act.

According to New York City Fire Department (FDNY), portable fire extinguishers are an important part of an overall fire safety program. FDNY has regulated the number, type, and placement of the portable fire extinguishers that are required for any building.

Sometimes, no matter how well you prepare yourself for bad things, you will suddenly unable to do a proper thing. When fire happens, you probably get depressed, while you see that your fire extinguisher cannot work well. The successful of portable fire extinguishers depends on the following:
•    They are of the correct type.
•    You locate them properly and in working order.
•    The fire is discovered while still small enough for use of the portable fire extinguishers to be effective.
•    The fire is discovered by persons who are ready, willing, and able to use them.

We should be aware of some fire hazards and sizes that might occur in our place and choose which type and capacity portable fire extinguishers to provide. They are Class A fires which include wood, paper and textiles; Class B fires include flammable liquids; Class C fires include electrical equipment; Class D fires include metal powders and shavings; and Class K fire extinguishers which are required for commercial and restaurant kitchens.

Since portable fire extinguishers contain only a limited amount of extinguishing material, you should use it properly so the material is not wasted. Another thing you should know is portable fire extinguishers are valuable for immediate use on small fires. Here are some fire extinguishers you can find on markets if you are interested to have one.

Perfect 119 Red Fire Extinguisher

These portable fire extinguishers are eco-products which use the HCFC gas. On the suppressing of fire, their ability of fire is excellent, due to display the effect of the cooling extinguishing and suffocation extinguishing.

Apply these portable fire extinguishers for suppressing of the early stage fire, electronic and electric goods fire, car fire, general fire, etc. Because of the gas base fire extinguisher (not water and powder base), there will be no remain after you suppress the fire.

CBM mini portable / C B M mini Fire Extinguishers

ABC fire extinguisher for car are ideal for your car.  They contain CBM formula which is able to prevent fire spread. They can extinguish small fire, and will not harm environment.

With ABC Dry Chemical Powder, these portable fire extinguishers are so effective for use on Class A (ordinary combustibles), B (flammable and combustible liquids), and C (flammable gases).  They are also featured with Safety Valve, which is able to keep over pressure that is caused by high temperature. They are items you should have!

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