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Getting Help For Depression Clinical Psychology

After what seemed like an endless 10 year battle with depression I finally found advice and a product that actually helped and it was homeopathic, so I didn’t need my doctor very much anymore. Needless to say, I was overjoyed.  The combination was unbelievable!

Over a 10 year period, I struggled with the debilitating effects of depression. I went from one doctor to the next. All of them simply offered drugs like Prozac, Cymbalta or Zoloft.  Let me tell you I tried most of the common drugs out there and they made me feel too weird or didn’t work for very long. Many had bad side effects.  I just couldn’t stand it and things were almost getting worse. I sought help from a clicical psychologist on the northern beaches.

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Eventually, I found some fantastic products that really helped me understand depression and cure it in myself.  I will tell you exactly what I found and how it helped me.  It was all in two products.  One was called Treating Depression Homeopathically and the other was natural medicine called MindSoothe.  Once I combined some sensible knowledge with a natural remedy I was basically cured!

My name is Sarah McLain. Like so many people of many ages, I suffered unnecessarily for over 10 years and became desperate.

Things Got Worse Without my psychologist

I had never been that depressed as a young person, but after I had kids and went through a divorce, I simply felt more and more depressed. Not too many years later I lost my mom.  I couldn’t get it together. My whole life was altered.  My doctors told me I was having a Serotonin problem.

Inevitable things got worse and next thing you know I was on prescription medication, going from one drug to the next. I tried going off of them at various times and I got crazy thinking I couldn’t live without them. I didn’t understand depression.

I Talked to Others About It My Clinical Psychologist Helped

I tried to hide my depression because, to me, it was downright embarrassing. But I would be at work trying not to cry and sometimes poorly dressed, or with no make-up on. I just didn’t care. It is just way too hard to function with depression eating away at you.

A girlfriend of mine finally had the nerve to say something and we ended up talking about it for a few days. That alone helped a lot.  I told her about what seemed like my endless battle and the amount of money I had wasted trying drugs that ultimately did not work that well.

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