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Keeping Your Stakeholders Happy

The project management process requires considerable communication with a wide range of individuals including stakeholders. When a stakeholder has indulged an interest in the project, you’ll find that you have to deal with them in various ways, on an almost regular consistent basis. Keeping your stakeholders happy is most vital, not just for the sake of your peace of mind, but for the profit of your entire project. Unhappy stakeholders can cause serious troubles. First, it’s important that you understand how vital is to keep your stakeholders satisfied – an unhappy stakeholder can create lots of problems. These problems include:
1. Constant, unnecessary use of communication, this can potentially ruin your deal. 
2. Unnecessarily don’t lag on completion of core tasks
3. Constantly change the contents and main features of the project
4. Changing tasks in the middle of the project
5. Causing problems among others.


Stakeholder Management Designed Specifically For Your Business

Let’s analyse some facts those have ways that can be helpful to get engagement and might influence your project stakeholders better with right time right place approach.
Early identification of potential stakeholders. Without knowing stakeholders well, you can’t engage them completely. As you are starting your projects, start to identify your potential stakeholders. Create a project register and add stakeholders one by one.
People want to know that you really want to hear their perspective first.
Listen, really listen. Ask probing questions.
Lead with integrity. Meaningful engagement needs trust and promotes them too. Say those words only which you really meant. Then complete the work promised.

Image result for stakeholder managementEngagement regarding estimation with stakeholders is key. Ask others of the same field who will do the help you estimating your plans. And make stakeholders understand that there is a greater risk in the pre-estimate sessions. Commitment regarding provisions of refined estimation will help as your projects progress further.
Work with your own team members. The best project managers plan their projects well and process into deliverables and tasks. This helps all involved to have a better understanding of the plan of the project. Stakeholders will more likely to support such plans that can show a good result.
Managing expectations is yet another important aspect. Most of the managerial jobs have a key function of communicating. Communication among fellow members bring out the best chance of changing things if needed Each of the stakeholders has some expectancy, be it positive or negative. 

Communication and a lot of it. Development and maintenance through a communication plan help tremendously.  

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