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Lawn Care Services ​
Instead of working with a landscaping company that leaves as soon as the initial job is done, call Rocklin Landscaping for our total lawn care maintenance services. We proved a number of routine lawn care services that range anywhere from mowing your grass to weed control services and soil aeration.


Instead of dealing with two separate companies for your landscaping and lawn care needs, use a company you have already trusted with your landscape design. We already know the ins and outs of your property, who better to care for it as the seasons change?
Whether we set up your landscape design or you are a new customer in search of fairly priced lawn care maintenance services, Rocklin Landscaping is the lawn care service for you!

Tree Trimming Services ​
Not every landscape project has trees and bushes. Many landscaping and lawn care companies may not offer tree trimming services alongside their other maintenance plans. Our tree trimming service includes but is not limited to indigenous trees, tropical trees, flower bushes, shrubbery, and sculpted hedges that require a trim once in a while to keep growth in check.
Our professional landscapers have been trained with grade A lawn care equipment that gets the job done quickly without a loss of quality. When you notice your trees drooping with dead branches or a shrub that is in need of pruning, Rocklin Landscaping Pros offer only the best in tree trimming services.

Mulching Services ​
There are several benefits to mulching your yard that range from adding interesting texture to your landscape to soil benefits that keep your plants healthy. Our knowledgeable landscapers have been taught the differences between standard mulch types and which works best for each situation, so they can take the guesswork out of the process for you.
When you want colorful mulch to add a hint of spice to your overall landscape design or soft pine mulch for your child’s swing set, we provide mulch installation and maintenance services that are right for every property.

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